Valentines Feast

So after promising myself a new start, of course we had Valentines Day first and due to a freezer overload mixed with a low budget, it was time to do as the old saying goes…..gain the way to the OH heart by feeding him up!

 And I must say it went very successfully, luckily from my many hunts at Tesco Clearance I had some Coquille St. Jacques ready made and in the freezer so a nice and easy starter paved the way for a more adventurous main and pud! You’ll see the OH is a salad dodger!

For mains I hunted high and low for inspiration with duck breasts and remembered the most amazing Duck Massaman Curry we had on a romantic break in Dublin at a Thai called Red Torch Ginger that the OH was obsessed with but decided to refine where possible and all thanks must go to Thai Me Up Kitchen whose recipe will now be a firm favourite in our household and brining as the recipe says is a must! The duck was some of the most succulent I’ve tasted if I do say so myself 😉

Now pudding was more difficult as we both have major sweet tooths and after getting some bargain silicone moulds in Home Bargains, they had to be mouldable! Luckily my Olive magazine subscription landed through my door earlier that week and there we had it: The Shed Restaurant Viennetta – by no means healthy but worth every single calorie and it haver an excuse to use my brand new Kitchenaid and sugar thermometer and I have to say I was really impressed how easily it came together! Double cream ice cream, salted caramel and dark chocolate….bliss 😍

So all in all you could say my OH was a very happy man at the end of the night and all table decorations are courtesy of Home Bargains also. We appreciated being at home much more and having the time to spend talking and messing around in the kitchen together, after my calorie overload it’s time to begin the Diet part of my Foodie blog so wish me luck and I’m happy to answer any questions or comments!

Jenny Xx


Hello Bloggerspace!!

Hello All.

Well I suppose this should begin with a little bit about me and why I decided to do this.

I’m Jenny, I’m 24 and like many women out there, currently have a struggle with my weight and unfortunately I am an absolute foodie and love to cook! I live in North Wales with my partner Dan and our Shar-Pei (child) Rollo and when I can’t cook, I read about it or shop so I’m sure you can tell it’s a bit of an obsession!

I started reading a few different blogs and figured that maybe it would help me to blog whilst I diet as motivation.

I will state now, I am by no means perfect and I do fall off the wagon every so often (recently returned from skiing which in France meant a BIG wagon!) but if I can motivate myself and maybe help a couple of others then I will be happy and I also need to do this for health reasons as I have an op coming up in May which I would like to be fit and healthy for!

Well that’s all at present, I am currently planning my weekend around Valentines, so my proper start will be Monday and I will essentially just be talking to myself and posting recipes/reviews!

Happy blogging!

Jenny X

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Me at the BBC Good Food Show
Me at the BBC Good Food Show